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We Are Specialists in Sub Contract Surface Improvement of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Components and Assemblies


We have invested in a state of the art SED Compliant solvent degreasing facility designed to process small and large batch items ranging from 1mm to 1350mm long.

As well as vapour degreasing, our degreasing unit has an optional spray and immersion process along with pivot and rotation if required.

The top loading facility enables very large , heavy, complex components to be processed.

Continuity of process repeatability and degrease quality is guaranteed.

Our levels of degreasing business have increased dramatically over the last few years as we are able to offer industry the option of sub contract as opposed to investing heavily in their own plant.


We have a wide range of Vibro and Barrel Mass Finishing machines offering the following processes:

♦ Deburring
♦ Barrelling
♦ Radiussing
♦ Tumbling
♦ Scale and Rust removal
♦ Mass polishing
♦ Pre plate/paint finishes

Midland Deburr and Finish Ltd was established in 1999 to provide a cost effective solution for companies wanting to outsource their "dirty" processes ie component degreasing,deburring, mechanical finishing and general surface improvement.

Through continuous investment in process capacity and improvement in our quality systems we are now able to successfully serve a wide range of customers, large and small, in a wide range of market sectors including automotive and aerospace.

We are the only company in the Midlands who are able to offer a sub contract solvent degreasing service to automotive and aerospace alike, utilising SED Compliant degreasing equipment.

We are a privately owned company who offer a personal friendly service and are dedicated to looking after our customers.

We are approved to ISO9001/AS9100 standard.


If you use trichloroethylene you will be required to keep your usage down to

You will need to consider the following alternatives:-

1. Process substitution using an alternative degreasing method ie aqueous.

2. Investment in hermetically sealed solvent degreaser costing £100K plus

3. Sub-contract your work to a company who is SED compliant.

For companies where this expenditure is too high you may decide to look for a sub-contract supplier like us who is compliant with the SED.


Quality is of paramount importance to Midland Deburr & Finish Limited - it is the foundation that our business and reputation are built upon.

Midland Deburr & Finish recognise that genuine commitment and investment in quality is essential, our accreditation to Quality Management System BS AS-EN9100 is testimony to this.

Full documentation and traceability are part of the comprehensive quality assurance programme which we operate, and Certificates of Conformity can be provided as required. As part of this programme, all processes and products are monitored to ensure that our high quality standards are continuously maintained.

It is the policy and overall business objective of Midland Deburr & Finish Limited to provide services of the highest quality and in compliance with our customers specified requirements.

We have a long established reputation in our industry for constantly providing excellent components of the highest Quality, continued investment in our quality assurance programme manifests our total commitment to.

The Only Company in the Midlands Who Are Able to Offer a Sub Contract Solvent Degreasing Service to Automotive and Aerospace Industries. Midland Deburr & Finish actively welcome visits from prospective customers. To find out more, please get in touch on 01384 891198 or [email protected]

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