Surface finisher, Midland Impregnations, is now offering a subcontract service using a US technology that seals micro-porosity in castings and die-cas


The HVLV system from the American manufacturer, Godfrey & Wing Inc, is said by the manufacturers to offer space savings, unmatched impregnation performance, cost reduction and environmental gains.

Chris Gilmore, president of Godfrey & Wing, said: “We are seeing the benefits of the system with manufacturers in a range of industries – from the automotive and military sectors to general engineering, foundries and die-casters – all of which, of course, are highly active in the UK.”

He says the capabilities of the HVLV are shown in its effectiveness in sealing porous materials. Sealing results exceeding 99% on micro-porosity in aluminium die-castings in a single pass are typical of the system’s capability while performance also gains from a centrifugal draining system that maximises sealant recovery. Complete cycle times as low as four minutes are achievable – up to a 90% saving against traditional methods.

“Components of varying sizes can be accommodated – from single units such as engine blocks, heads or transmission cases, to purpose-designed fixtures that can contain multiples of small items such as fuel pumps and aircon compressors,” continues Chris Gilmore. “Moreover, the HVLV unit is totally enclosed with an extraction system built in for fume extraction to maintain a clean working environment.”

With fully automatic operation, the system has been shown to interface efficiently with modern machine tools and manufacturing processes, enabling impregnation to become a genuine part of a production line. “This not only endorses the floor saving opportunities but also impacts directly on operational efficiency, opening up new opportunities in sectors such as advanced manufacturing,” adds Chris Gilmore.

He says the introduction of the HVLV concept into the UK market is set to be of significance to a wide range of manufacturers and engineers.

“The advantages of the system are now available via Midland Impregnations Ltd., located in Lye in the West Midlands, who are providing a subcontracting service to customers across the country,” adds Chris Gilmore.

Midlands Impregnation Ltd is happy to demonstrate the effectiveness of the process by impregnating sample castings, free of charge, for evaluation.

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